"I am running to represent the 82nd house district because I believe I can make a positive impact in Fort Wayne and in our state legislature – to build and improve upon the growth we have seen and aspire to see in the near future."



I believe businesses must lead. Northeast Indiana is uniquely qualified and positioned for a successful economy. The need to attract and retain these businesses and talent is high. To encourage and attract employers to our region, we must make sure the environment is conducive for businesses to succeed. We must also invest in the future, including the future workforce. We must work to modernize and revitalize job training models to ensure future workforces are prepared and set up for success.


Education remains the space where miracles happen. I believe COVID-19 has challenged us in this area and has dramatically widened the discrepancies and inequalities of quality education. Our children have been at risk for far too long and we have to correct it. Your zip code should not determine the accessibility of quality education. The economy of today and tomorrow punishes those without skills. We must commit to an education system that is best for our children and their future, with a majority focus on innovation and STEM. As we invest in our education systems, we should do so from a perspective that best fits the individual needs of a child.


Medical expenses are still the primary reason families file for bankruptcy. I will work with the legislature to improve transparency, help minimize costs, and increase access to affordable healthcare.