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I have had the opportunity to work for and surround myself with talented and influential leaders. What I am most humbled by and reminded of is that we are temporary stewards of our community and the positions we hold. Good leadership uplifts others and cultivates success. What we do with our time and capabilities matters. I am hopeful that in running to represent this district, I not only inspire our youth but also our developing and aging populations. Showing everyone that the American dream, and her promises, are real. No one said it will be easy but it is possible. By believing in the promise and embodying it everyday - change happens.  


I stand firmly on prioritizing the future of our economy, the importance of quality education, and affordable healthcare. The wealth and education gap continues to widen. The risk of rising inflation on the cost of essential services for our families like healthcare, childcare and education is knocking on our doorstep.  However, we are Americans. We are Hoosiers. We create, we solve problems, we work, we lead, and we do not simply survive – we thrive. 

Raised by a single mother who provided for and guided three black men into adulthood, I come with a strong foundation rooted in resilience. I played college football at Ball State University where I was a four-year letterman, 2010 team captain and 2019 BSU Hall of Fame inductee. I am fortunate to run a business where I am able to meet, befriend and positively influence a widely diverse group of families, business owners and community leaders, all of which have helped to shape my philosophy and focus. My experiences have helped steer my life on a journey of community service, becoming actively involved and sitting on the board of organizations including the Allen County Public Library Foundation, United Way of Allen County, Voices of Unity, Turnstone, Fort Wayne Black Chamber of Commerce, Purdue Fort Wayne Doemer School of Business, The Foellinger Foundation and Ball State University Northeastern Alumni chapter. I am a blessed father of two beautiful children, Juliana and Mylo, who inspire me daily to be a man they admire and happily call "Poppa".

I bring a unique perspective that will be valuable to our district and to the super majority - helping steward our state through an unprecedented journey ahead. I look forward to meeting you at your doorstep and learning what you are most passionate about. 


Join my campaign team and I as we commit to helping make a positive impact, not only on the 82nd district but on the state of Indiana.

- Davyd.png
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